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The Pros and Cons of Natural Stone

Granite is a natural stone. It is formed under the Earth’s surface by magma that slowly cools and crystallizes over time. As a result, each slab is unique and full of different colors and patterns.

Pros of Granite:

One of the hardest substances on Earth, making it very durable

Heat resistant


Can be repaired if broken, unless shattered

Cons of Granite:

Needs to be sealed; otherwise, there can be staining

Is porous

Quartzite is a natural stone formed by crystallizing from molten magma. Many slabs have marble-like colors and veining.

Pros of Quartzite:

Resistant to etching

Low maintenance

Heat resistant


Can be repaired if broken, unless shattered

Scratch resistant

Cons of Quartzite:

Can stain if not sealed properly

Is porous

Marble is a natural stone. It’s created by the metamorphosis of a combination of rocks under intense pressure and temperatures.

Pros of Marble:

Are beautiful and timeless stones

Can be repaired if broken, unless shattered

With proper care, they can last a long time

Heat Resistant

Cons of Marble:


Can stain or etch

Delicate and can be damaged easier than other stones

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