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  • Always remember to wipe debris off your countertop with a damp cloth. 

  • use products specifically designed for cleaning granite, such as non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaners. Cleaners with vinegar, citrus, or ammonia are all best avoided on granite.

  • Acidic cleaners and food ingredients can quickly eat through the sealer.  If you happen to get lemon juice on your counter, it is best to get it cleaned up right away.

  • Do not attempt to use strong commercial cleansers to help clean the debris or get rid of stains on your granite countertop. You can use warm soapy water instead of harsh commercial cleaners.


A real Story...

Natural stone, as its name implies, is produced in nature, created over thousands of years by water, wind, minerals, or lava, and extracted from a quarry. Natural stone countertops have a unique and luxurious look.


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COVERLAM TOP IS AN INNOVATIVE PRODUCT MADE FROM NATURAL RAW MATERIALS WITH EXCEPTIONAL MECHANICAL AND AESTHETIC PROPERTIES THAT SURPASS THOSE OF ANY CONVENTIONAL TILING MATERIAL. WITH ITS 1620x3240 MM AND 1000x3000 MM FORMAT, AND 20 MM, 12 MM AND 10,5 MM THICKNESS, COVERLAM TOP IS EASY TO CUT AND HANDLE, MAKING IT A SUITABLE MATERIAL FOR COVERING LARGE AREAS INSIDE THE HOME. IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE ULTRA-RESISTANT FINISHES FOR KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS, TABLES OR CUPBOARDS. THANKS TO ITS GREAT STRENGTH, COVERLAM TOP IS RESISTANT TO EVERYDAY WEAR AND SCRATCHES ON COUNTERTOPS, THUS MAINTAINING ITS ORIGINAL AESTHETIC VIBRANCY FOR LONGER. COVERLAM TOP CAN ALSO MEET THE MOST DEMANDING NEEDS OF THE HOME IN TERMS OF RESISTANCE TO HEAT, CHEMICALS AND DAMP STAIN. IN ADDITION, THANKS TO ITS MINIMAL POROSITY, IT IS A HYGIENIC, ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACE IDEAL FOR FOOD PREPARATION. THE TERM ‘INDUSTRY 4.0’ REFERS TO THE CONCEPT OF THE ‘SMART FACTORY’ AND CONSISTS OF THE DIGITIZATION OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES BY MEANS OF SENSORS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS. THE AIM IS TO MAKE THESE PROCESSES MORE EFFICIENT. THIS NEW ADVANCED MANUFACTURING PRODUCTION MODEL, INDUSTRY 4.0, HAS THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS: -FLEXIBILITY: CUSTOMIZATION OF PRODUCTION BATCHES. -RE-CONFIGURABILITY: UNDERSTOOD AS THE ABILITY TO ADAPT QUICKLY AND ECONOMICALLY TO CHANGES IN THE PRODUCT. -DIGITIZATION OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES: CONNECTING AND INTEGRATING THE DIFFERENT PHASES AND EQUIPMENT INVOLVED, IN ORDER TO PROVIDE RELIABLE, REAL TIME INFORMATION ON THE RESULTING PRODUCTS. -GRESPANIA LEADS THE WAY IN THE CERAMIC SECTOR, HAVING ALREADY IMPLEMENTED THIS PLANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN ITS COVERLAM FACTORY; ALL ITS PROCESSES ARE AUTOMATED AND INTERCONNECTED VIA THE INTERNET, AND CAN EVEN BE MANAGED REMOTELY. THE 20 MM THICKNESS IN 1620X3240 MM FORMAT, AS WELL AS BEING MUCH MORE RESISTANT, IT IS IDEAL FOR COUNTERTOPS INCORPORATING DIFFERENT DESIGN EFFECTS ON THE EDGES. THE NEW FULL BODY TECHNOLOGY ENSURES CONTINUITY BETWEEN SURFACE, EDGE AND BODY, RESULTING IN TOTALLY NATURAL-LOOKING PIECES. More About COVERLAM TOP: Coverlam is a brand name belonging to the Grespania, which specialises in the manufacture and sale of products conspicuous for their innovative properties and design. Ongoing investment, the constant integration of cutting-edge developments in manufacturing and design, and a strong commitment to the environment have all led to the consolidation of a reputation as a worldwide leader. -COVERLAM TOP own one of the largest and best raw material plants in Europe to make porcelain, Therefore, they produced the best bisque (core of the slab) which means it's easier to cut. -COVERLAM TOP have their own glazing company, so like with the raw material, they have complete control and have been producing world class glaze for over 40 years both for porcelain tile and now porcelain slabs. -COVERLAM TOP pertains to the Grespania Group - one of the world's biggest manufacturers of porcelain tile. Grespania currently has 3 factories with cutting-edge technology and processes, suitable for the production of all kinds of tile materials, from wall and floor tiles to porcelain worktops for kitchens. In addition to its production centres in Spain, it has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Holland, Poland and the UK, USA and Asia. Thanks to its state-of-the-art production centres and solid network of subsidiaries, Grespania is able to offer top-quality products to consumers worldwide. Grespania have invested over €75 million in the Coverlam product since it's conception 10 years ago. -COVERLAM TOP have a true porcelain industry 5.0 world class manufacturer with over 1.5 million M2 of slabs produced annually. -COVERLAM TOP invest more in Quality Control than most other manufacturers, ensuring their product are best in class. They use System brand of machinery for manufacture which is the same used by other market leaders namely Neoltih and Laminam. -COVERLAM TOP porcelain slabs are: oHygienic oHeat proof oScratch proof oUV ray resistant oInside/Outside use oTrue color bodied - the core is the same color as the surface.

Natural Stone Production Process

The process of making a granite countertop starts with large chunks of stone. Once these large chunks are mined, they are cut into blocks. Then they are cut into slabs by high-speed gang saws that also release water while cutting. Next, the slabs are sent through a polishing machine to give the desired finish. Each slab is numbered to ensure that their natural sequence can be maintained. The final stage in a natural stone’s journey into your home takes place at the fabricator’s facility.

Porcelain Slabs Production Process

Coverlam Top are innovative countertops made of natural raw materials, with mechanical properties and a visual appeal superior to those of conventional ones.

Ultra-resistant countertops for kitchens, tables or cabinets are now a reality. Thanks to Coverlam Top's extreme hardness, these countertops are resistant to the everyday scratches and wear and tear to which surfaces of this kind are normally subject, allowing them to maintain their original appearance for longer.

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