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Granite is a natural stone. It is formed under the Earth’s surface by magma that slowly cools and crystallizes over time. As a result, each slab is unique and full of different colors and patterns. Granite itself can withstand temperatures up to 1200° F without leaving behind any burn or char marks. Be forewarned: seams and joints are not as durable, so they should avoid excessive heat. Granite is in your house for the long run. It does not easily scratch and if you happen to drop something heavy on it, it will not chip or break. You can rely upon and enjoy granite’s long-term conveniences of a durable kitchen surface. Though stain resistant, granite does need to be taken care of, but it is a low-maintenance stone. Regular wipe-downs with a damp sponge are usually enough to maintain the stone. Granite will be able to sustain any wear and tear from the kitchen better than most other stones can. The primary reason is the material’s heat and stain resistance. When used in the kitchen, granite will require much less maintenance than most other stone countertops will. Granite can also be used as a table material, and you will be able to prepare food, eat and drink on the table because of the stone’s durability.

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